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Hello, welcome to Shibo Lyu's Lab.

What's this?

Here's an overview of my ongoing personal projects. Some stats for those projects are automatically updated here based on my code submissions to give you a basic idea of what I'm doing recently, also to urge me to put more efforts into it and stop procrastination ๐Ÿ’.

Project Readiness is basically my subjective assumption though. The value can go either direction at any time, depending on the project status, my subjective view of my own skill level relative to the project requirement and other reasons.

Oh you're still here. I do want to mention that you can contact me on Telegram for special internal updates on some of these projects. Begin the conversation with a picture of a penguin so I know you're a real human who read this page.

Project C5W

Readiness: 5%

Commits: 0 last week, 26 in a year

Project E6

Readiness: 30%

Commits: 0 last week, 72 in a year

Project C9

Readiness: 40%

Commits: 0 last week, 3 in a year

Project B6A

Readiness: 20%

Commits: 0 last week, 1 in a year

App Privacy Insights

Readiness: 40%

Commits: 35 last week, -33 than previous week, 311 in a year


Readiness: 40%

Commits: 0 last week, 35 in a year


Readiness: 60%

Commits: 0 last week, 0 in a year

Svelte Nova

Readiness: 20%

Commits: 0 last week, 5 in a year